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Next Generation
Technology to take you into the future

Technology to take you into the future

We extend our thinking beyond simple equipment manufacturing.

We aim to design innovative and ground-breaking ways to meet changing requirements for flexibility and efficiency.

Our ongoing Research and Development program shapes our design approach, and we focus on the user at every stage.

We question:

  • How do we make it faster and more intuitive for operators to use?
  • How do we increase operational efficiency?
  • Provide easier access for maintenance and less need for it?
  • Make it safer? Lower cost of ownership?
  • Design equipment that can evolve with your needs – fast, easy changeovers, upgrades and repurposing?
  • Integration of multiple functions, such as vision systems?
  • Most importantly, how do we design line management systems and machine-to-machine communication that put you in the driver's seat of a smart factory?

Foodmach's award-winning technology has set new standards for the packaging industry.

Equipment we make

For example our:

Equipment we supply

Not only do we create new technology, we source the best of breed for every aspect of a packaging line, from the world's most advanced manufacturers.

We do the research, we travel around the globe attending the big shows, and we get to know suppliers by visiting their factories. 

When we bring a new agency or supplier on board, we learn their technology from the ground up.

We live it and breathe it, so when our customers need something new, they know they can trust us to help them choose the right machine and integrate it into their line the right way.

Here's a sample list of our agencies and suppliers for Packaging Technology Products:

If you have a challenging problem that needs a next-generation solution, just ask us about your particular needs.

We’re here to help

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