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Line Control
From simple to advanced

From simple to advanced

PC-based control technology can control and monitor the complete process chain for individual packaging machines and complete packaging lines.

Our line controller system handles the configuration of the entire line and controls it during production – managing conveyor speeds and the starting, stopping and by-passing of machines.

It can also serve as the integration point of single lines into plant automation systems.

This includes the download of recipes and the exchange of production data to the plant Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

For more advanced control of FMCG packaging lines, including advanced OEE, see:

The market for advanced production management is flooded with proprietary OEM software that does little except lock manufacturers into an expensive, confusing and hard-to-manage contractual obligation without delivering authentic whole-of-line control and OEE.

Our software solutions are built from the bottom up rather than the top down. They enable a holistic approach to paperless manufacturing that is built into the line, not layered on top of it.

Line MES

Line Manufacturing Execution System (Line MES*), is our real-time execution system for FMCG manufacturing lines.

Line MES is used as the central control system. It links together all the individual components of a line using OMAC V3.0 and PackML V3.0 and ISA-88 as the common interface and provides the following functions:

  • Communication with a higher-level MES or ERP system and receiving process orders, scheduling and pathing information.
  • Interfacing to the individual machines and equipment on the line to a central point.
  • Transfer of parameters and data to equipment for efficient setup and changeover.
  • Monitor machine raw materials and prompt operators when low.
  • Provide visualisation for the line and machine modes and states.
  • Display of errors, warnings and current production data.
  • Fully integrated OEE for “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” data of the line and of the individual machines.
  • Provides a global safety controller for the line.
  • Conforming ‘Add on Instructions’ / ‘Function Blocks’ encapsulate and simplifies parameterisation of complex control functions wherever possible and practical.

Line MES enables the integration of equipment from multiple suppliers without loss of function and makes it possible for Australian manufacturers to join the digital revolution without massive CAPEX investment into an all-new line from one OEM.

Line MES can be delivered with FM Link for 100% paperless manufacturing.

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*Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are the tools by which data is acquired and shown to all relevant parties in real-time. They enhance control and reduce response times to issues affecting production. They also help regulated industries, such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, provide proof of processes, events, actions, and documentation.

FM Link

FM Link is a new-release software developed for the FMCG industry that reduces waste at every stage of the packaging process.

FM Link is a comprehensive, dynamic software system that monitors, tracks, documents, and controls the process of manufactured goods. It can save hundreds of thousands of dollars on reworking or dumping products.

FM Link provides a functional layer connecting the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the manufacturing control systems (Line MES) and gives decision-makers the data they need to make the plant floor more efficient and optimise production. It effectively acts as a digital bridge between the manufacturer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the factory floor.

FM Link provides industry-leading advanced capability to control entire packaging production lines (using OMAC PackML machine language standards), delivering the following customer benefits

  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Integration to the ERP system, creating a single source of data and truth.
  • Fully automatic setup of all devices on the line during product change, resulting in faster product changeovers.
  • Specifies dry order goods and order fulfilment and reports back.
  • Integrates seamlessly to Foodmach Line MES Line Control.
  • Improves line uptime and ROI.

Through recipe management and a neural network of sensors, FM Link provides the information for Line MES to deliver the right product into the right package, with the right coding and labelling, 100% of the time. It enables fully digitised, paperless manufacturing, which eliminates human error.

It is delivered as an addition to our Line Manufacturing Execution System (Line MES).

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